Professional Tree Removal, Trimming, & Land Clearing Services

Professional tree services in Tennessee

For over 20 years, Downs Tree Service has been providing our area with reliable and high quality tree services. When you need professional tree removal, trimming and land clearing services in Franklin, TN, look no further than our tree care specialists. Check out all of the jobs we can perform for your property.

Professional Tree Preservation Services

If you want an expert to come evaluate the status of a tree or offer advice on how you can extend the life of a tree your property, we will come and provide you with the information and clarity you need.

Expert Tree Removal Services

Like all things, trees eventually decay and are no longer sustainable on your property. In the event you have an old tree that needs to be safely removed, or if a tree is giving proving to be a hazard or a nuisance on your property, our tree care specialists will safely and efficiently remove it for you.

The Best Tree Trimming Services

Keep your trees looking their absolute best and make sure they’re growing safely by taking advantage of our tree trimming services.

Land Clearing Services

Get a jumpstart on your next construction project by having our company remove trees, shrubs and other debris off the lot you’re building on.

Emergency Tree Storm Services

Whether it’s strong gusts of wind, or heavy snow and ice, a severe storm can harm trees and put power lines and other parts of your property at risk. In the event a storm affects a tree on your property, you can call us at any time and we’ll come provide whatever service you need to keep your property safe.

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